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About Mole Solutions

Mole Solutions focus on the introduction of underground logistics for freight transportation. The company has carried out a number of government funded studies and development activities to show the feasibility of this innovative  infrastructure.


Mole Solutions have researched and championed the Underground Logistics concept since 2002 and are a founder member of the International Society of Underground Freight Transport (ISUFT).

With a TSB grant a test facility was established at their UK base near Cambridge which established the USP of Linear Induction Motors as a preferred propulsion system.

Further work has applied the concept  across a full range of supply chains from warehouse to shipping containers. 

Key Capabilities

Mole Solutions skills and capabilities are as supply chain system consultants, analysts and engineers enabling an integrated sub surface solution to be created. This to solve problems caused by surface transport constraints, and increasing levels of congestion and pollution that are causing global environmental  concerns.
Validated computer system models enable the technical team to specify a solution and its sub systems and efficiently trade off interfaces.
The assembling of a support team of specialist suppliers, subcontractors and collaborators ensure an integrated and high quality deliverable solution. 


The Mole Solutions team is led by MD Dr Roger Miles and consists of inhouse discipline leaders with great experience in their fields.

A key feature is the team of collaborative industrial partners and suppliers that have been assembled who each bring state of the art expertise to join together in the innovative ULS concept.

In addition collaborative working arrangements with Universities in Texas, Shanghai and Hamburg provide academic support and input to the growing realisation of ULS as an inevitable future infrastructure.

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About Mole Solutions